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Rags to Riches and me

 I have been a crafter all my life.  I can’t remember not knowing how to crochet, and over the years I have taken up many kinds of crafts.  I taught myself how to knit on my 27th birthday,  picked up needlepoint when I was about 8 or 9, did some stamped cross stitch in my teens and decided that counted cross stitch was more to my liking.  I discovered gourds in 2002 and learned how to do pine needle baskets at the same time.  In 2007 I founded and became the first President of the Mississippi Gourd Society.  I have been in business as Rags to Riches since the mid 1980s, doing craft shows during the years.  I no longer do outdoor shows (I’m getting old, people!) but do an annual indoor show each year in Meridian, MS.  I tried having a booth in a mall, but people were not really looking for what I was selling so now I’m going on the Internet, where people who are looking for my unique creations can find them, no matter where they happen to be. 


A little explanation about the name of my business and the name of this website.  Rags to Riches had already been taken, so I morphed into RTRbySusan.  I have since changed my Facebook page to match to  My Etsy shop is  So rtrbysusan it is, and you can find me multiple ways now.  Please go like my Facebook page, this is where I will be posting annoucements of new items, etc. 


And now my business is on Twitter @rtrbysusan and Pinterest RTRbySusan.  I'm now also posting announcements on Twitter and showing off on Pinterset as well.  Please share, retweet, pin or do whatever you do to spread the word about my stuff!  #rtrbysusan.  Thanks!!

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